Monday, 10 December 2018

1987/88: Liverpool 3 Manchester United 3

Even during Liverpool's decade of dominance, their league record against Manchester United was relatively poor, with just two league wins during this period. There were also ten draws played out between the teams; one of the more memorable stalemates took place on Easter Monday 1988.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

1984/85: QPR 5 Newcastle 5

It goes without saying that a 5-5 draw is a rare but spectacular beast. The recent thriller at the Villa saw two past European champions share ten goals, a reminder of many a game contested on the playground in my distant past. I’m sure Forest were glad that the “next goal’s the winner” rule was not invoked.

Talking to my son, I was trying to recall other 5-5 draws, until a bell chimed in the dusty vault of my memory banks. A match played on the skin-shredding plastic pitch at Loftus Road on September 22, 1984. QPR 5 Newcastle United 5.